Come Shop, Mingle, and Jingle

By:Sidney Hall

Today is the big day, in a few minutes ShopColumbia’s Holiday Market will open!  Come shop, mingle, and jingle with us. In the meantime, check out our artist feature on Mohamed Sherriff’s Esters of Nature.


Gifts for $10 and Under!

By: Grace LaVier

At ShopColumbia there are numerous, mind-blowing pieces of art to be purchased as a holiday gift or simply a treat for yourself. Besides the diverse creations being sold, there is a something for any price range. Here are a few fun gifts that won’t break your bank account. Be sure to check these goodies out at The Market this weekend!




Inside the Last Holiday Market

By: Grace LaVier

HolidayMarketPosterSmaller-323x500Can you believe it? Only two days until ShopColumbia presents their fourth annual holiday market! To really understand the essence of The Market, lets hop on a time machine and go behind the scenes to last year’s remarkable event.

On December 9 & 10th, 2011, ShopColumbia held the third annual holiday market. The Shop brought artists new traffic to their work by selling their products in the holiday market just in time for the holiday gift season. In the past, ShopColumbia took a focus on the event and the selling of products, but last year they came up with something a little different. “Last year we decided to make that the main focus. This was a great way to encourage attendance. It isn’t everyday you get to meet the person who made the work you purchase! We also thought this would be a great networking opportunity for our artists to connect with their peers, as well as their customers,” said Shop coordinator, Shannon Bourne.

This idea of bringing artists and customers together was a great success for both the Shop and the participating artists. The event brought in over a 1,000 people and made an astounding profit of $7,200! The artists that were featured in last year’s event not only made money off their artwork to support their career but took an important step into setting the foundation of their artistic business. “Artists that participated definitely saw increased sales compared to those that did not participate,” reveailed Bourne, “Featured artists were able to build upon their customer base and increase their sales. On top of that, the college community was able to meet all of the talented students and alumni at our school. Customers were thrilled to buy unique gifts for their friends and family and were proud of supporting local artists.”

Due to the successes brought in last year, The Market of 2012 is going above and beyond this weekend. This year, the event will be held for three days to insure customers can get their one-of-a-kind holiday gifts! Also, it will take up the whole first floor of Columbia’s College’s 623 S. Wasbash building and continue into the Hokin Gallery. Lastly, there will be even more art for customers to choose from. 23 talented artists were featured last year and more, new artists will be discovered this year.

ShopColumbia will kick things off with a reception on December 6 at 4 pm. The reception will consist of entertainment, beverages and treats, along with shopping and meets with the artists! There is something for everyone at The Market, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be inspired and supportive of our featured artists.

Can’t make it to The Market? Then be sure to check out ShopColumbia’s online store at

Holiday Shopping for Her Featuring Jason Hall

Photo by ShopColumbia

By: Sidney Hall

Columbia alumni Jason Hall‘s featured jewelry designs at ShopColumbia are delicate reflections of nature. His Pea in the Pod earrings are a hand crafted symbol of friendship. These beautifully crafted copper earrings with three glass beads and two light green semi-precious stones are the perfect holiday gift for her.

Online ShopColumbia

By: Sidney Hall
Columbia College art enthusiasts can now get their fix online. ShopColumbia, Columbia’s new online web store, is updated daily with fine arts, jewelry, literature, and paper good products. This is a great platform for Columbia College students and alumni, reaching past the shop location at 623 S. Wabash Ave. and into the more accessible Internet marketplace. Alumni, Jennifer Hines is one of many artists featured in the online shop.  In her artist statement, she discusses the influences surrounding her work:
“My artwork explores my own collective identity, instincts, and balance, using symbols to discuss these portions of my identity, and permits viewers to see portions of my life and perspective, allowing them to reflect on their own lives and identities by comparison, and shedding light on the human experience.” Her hand-sculpted ceramic fortune cookies can be purchased from the online store, perfectly packaged with a personalized message on an off-white satin ribbon – a perfect holiday gift!

Let the Countdown Begin!

By: Grace LaVier

It’s that time of the year again! No, I’m not talking about Santa coming down the chimney, lighting the Shabbat candles, drinking egg nog, nor the fact winter break will be approaching. It’s time for the 4th annual holiday market presented by ShopColumbia at Columbia College Chicago. The Market is where students, facility and strangers off the street can check out and purchase amazing one-of-a-kind pieces of art made by the talented students of Columbia!

The Market is the perfect opportunity to pick out unique gifts for family and friends. Not only will this event take care of that ever-expanding holiday gift list, but it’s a chance to meet these creative artists to learn their inspiration and get spoiled with treats and entertainment during the reception. It’s important to support new talent and artists and what’s better than doing that by shopping?

This blog will follow everything and anything involved with The Market. Make sure to follow us to get all the behind the scenes and latest news on this spectacular event! Then, get ready to shop, mingle and jingle!